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Cardiology Chief, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

President, CEO, Cardiovascular Physicians Management, LLC.
President, Toledo Cardiology Consultant’s, Inc.
Director, Non Invasive and Interventional Cardiovascular Services  at St. Vincent Medical center.
President cardiovascular Diagnostic Institute, LLC.
President, Mobile Cardiac Imaging, LLC.
President, Midwest Modern Imaging, LLC.
President, Cardiovascular Research Center, LLC.
President, 3K Pictures, LLC.
Assistant Profeessor, University of Toledo Medical Center

Chief Medical Officer, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center
Former Chief of Staff, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

​​​​​​​​​​​​Mohammed Alkhateeb, MD, FACC

Director Non Invasive Cardiology,

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

Tarif Kanaan, MD, FACC 

Co-Director Invasive & Interventional Cardiology

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Mark O'Connor, MD, FACC.

Co-Director Electrophysiology Laboratory

Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center

Mohammed Yousuf Kanjwal, M.D.

Electrophysiology Expertise: 

  1. Atrial Fibrillation and other complex ablation
  2. Ventricular tachycardia premature complex ablation

Raza Hashmi, MD, FACC

Co - Director Heart Failure Clinic

​Mercy St. Vincent Medical center and Mercy St. Charles Hospital

​Syed Sohail Ali, MD, FACC

General and Interventional Cardiology

​Mohammed S. Alo, DO

General and Invasive Cardiology

Mohammed Taleb, M.D.

General and Interventional Cardiology
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